Who are we?

Started our journey way back in early 2016 by joining a few young minds together to share the knowledge and utilize untapped potentials. Within a couple of years we could move from forming to storming exhibiting commendable performance in subsequent years.

In 2021, we reformed ourselves as a globally distributed social enterprise with the team spread across six countries in four continents with an aim to provide global exposure for local talents.

At Medha, as an organization committed towards empowering our society, we are keen in transforming the rural economy by creating employment opportunities through innovative digital products, solutions and services for businesses across the globe.

Our development strategy is simple and transparent. We empower students with industrial training and utilize the potential of qualified resources idling at home.

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For us, addressing rural brain drain is how we foresee it!!!

Foresee for us is 4C-enabling the resources to “Conceive, Compete, Collaborate & Contribute.”

We evaluate, educate and execute our 4C‘s through our young minds. We apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being. Our experts are always working to provide next generation solutions to your business problems. We work closely with you to realise your business dreams.

“Conceive, Compete, Collaborate & Contribute.”

Our roots are interlinked with Sree Raghavapuram Sabhayogam, an ancient society that works for the vedic dharma.

The Team

We Are Many

We are Designers, Developers, Architects, Testers... and you name it.

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As an organisation committed towards empowering our society, at Medha Digital, our experts are always working to provide next generation solutions to your business problems. We work side by side to bring your business dreams to life !

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